The proactive way
to explore Fashion
and Sportswear
where online
and offline
shopping meet


We manage millions of FASHION and SPORTSWEAR products.
Walk into your favourite STORE and scan a HANGTAG:
  • Be inspired, choose, share and review your preferred apparel and accessories
  • Find, on the web, the available sizes and colours 
  • Verify, on the spot, that the item is authentic
  • Create and manage your wishlist
  • Choose an e-shop and have the same product delivered at home.


Your product FEEDS allow to connect
OFFLINE customers to your ONLINE shop:
  • Increase the visibility of your e-shop
  • Promote your partner Stores and reward those that generate sales
  • Inspire Consumers OFFLINE, sell ONLINE
  • Give proof that sold items are authentic
  • "Pay per Action" compensation model, no initial investments.


Whether a large store or a small business
we create your OMNICOMMERCE:
  • Proactively manage your personalized ONLINE proposal
  • Promote your exclusive partner e-shops directly in your Store
  • Use digital marketing material in the language of the consumer 
  • Offer the “try in shop, deliver at home” model and reduce inventory
  • Give proof that items in your store are authentic.


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